Help us make June 7th:

Beat Plastic Pollution Day

Nature needs a break

Our Oceans need a break.

We can live without single-use plastics.

Let’s show that we’re not interested in products or a way of life that pollute our planet with microplastics.

The Problem

“In the early 2000’s, our output of plastic waste rose more in a single decade than it had in the previous 40 years. Today, we produce about 300 million tonnes of plastic waste every year. That’s nearly equivalent to the weight of the entire human population.”

—United Nations Environment

“Less than one fifth of all plastic is recycled globally.”

—National Geographic

“The River Thames in London was found to have about 80 microplastic particles per litre…”

—The Guardian

“People consume about 5 grams of [micro] plastics a week — roughly the equivalent of a credit card.”

—Washington Post

Our intention

We know that one day a year won’t save the world, but it will bring people together who can.

An internationally recognized day will elevate the message and build on the momentum already created by scientists, activists, business leaders and government who are seeing the need for action and taking it. This will be a day to celebrate, communicate and reaffirm commitments to eliminate plastic waste.

Beat Plastic Pollution Day: living without throwaway plastic goods and telling the world it's time to put a stop to plastic pollution.

The day

June 7th is the day before World Oceans Day, and our oceans are most affected by plastic pollution. These two days together present the opportunity to be more impactful with our message and actions.

Some things we want to activate...

June 7th

International Day Micro-site with Plastic Pollution Pledge
Sharable artwork and images to promote the message
Support and recognition from global organizations
Downloadable educational packets around the issues and solutions
Participation in World Ocean Day and Ocean Week activations
Beach and river clean-ups

Get involved

If you support our efforts to make June 7th international Beat Plastic Pollution Day, sign-up below and we’ll keep you informed on what we’re doing and how to help.

Spread the word

Help us get the word out on the 7th of June across social media and the web. Tap the images below, or download our Digital Pack for more options.

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Voice for Nature Foundation
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About us

Beat Plastic Pollution Day is a campaign initiated by Voice for Nature Foundation and The Plastiki Project. The Voice for Nature Foundation promotes positive environmental change towards global sustainability by supporting creative, innovative and sustainable action. The Plastiki Project is a 60-foot catamaran made of recycled plastic bottles that sailed the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Sydney, in order to raise awareness for marine litter.

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